How to apply your new screen protector film PERFECTLY the very first time!




Step 1: Preparation


~ Find a roll of tape that has low sticky/removes easily. Masking/painters tape or non-permanent scotch tape is great.

~ Locate a brightly lit, clean, dust-free environment. One good location is on the bathroom counter after a hot shower. Humidity removes dust from the air. Another area could be on your stove-top with the vent fan turned on. This pulls dust up and away from your installation.



Step 2: Clean

~ Thoroughly wash and dry your hands to remove dirt and finger oils from your skin.


~ Clean your screen with the microfiber cloth. If your screen is excessively dirty or oily, you may need to clean it using eyeglass or window cleaner. Make sure the screen is spotless and dust-free when finished. Even the smallest specks of dust can cause bubbles.



Step 3: Align

~ Without removing any tabs, lay the film on top of your screen with side 1 (red tab) face-to-face with the screen, and side 2 (blue tab) pointing up at you.


~ Form a hinge. Apply 2 pieces of tape, one piece at each end, on the same side of the screen protector. Have the pieces of tape extend over the side edge of the film/screen by apx one inch.

~ Carefully align the protector film until it is EXACTLY in the spot that you want it to be located.


~ Press down on the film with one hand to hold the film firmly in place exactly where you want it located. With your other hand, push down the pieces of tape over and onto the side of the phone.


~ Pick up the phone and push down any remaining tape ends onto the back of the phone.



Step 4: Inspect/Remove Dust

~ You have now temporarily taped the film in place on your phone. Inspect to ensure the film is still aligned properly. If it is not aligned as desired, simply detach, re-align, and then re-apply the tape hinge.

~ Flip open the film from the screen.


~ Apply the sticky side of the large blue dust removal sticker to the phone, and then remove it to pull of any dust particles that may remain. Repeat if necessary.



Step 5: Apply

~ Carefully pull back tab #1 to remove the backing all the way from the sticky side of the film. Don’t touch the sticky side with your fingers.


~ Pick up the film by using your fingertips on the edge. Swing it back over and above your screen, dropping it to allow it to fall into place on it’s own.

~ If it doesn’t go down correctly, or in alignment… it’s okay. Use a piece of tape with one side attached to your finger and the other side to a corner of the film. Pull up and the film will pull up also. Re-align as needed. This can be repeated as necessary without worry of weakening the adhesive. However, if you make and position your taped hinge well, this is simply not going to be an issue.



Step 6: Remove Bubbles

~ Use the included squeegee card to push any bubbles to the edge of the film. If any bubbles persist, they are likely caused by a dust particle. You will fix this after the next step:


Step 7: Remove Tab #2

~ Peel off tab #2 to remove the final protective layer. A few air bubbles may occur during this removal… if so, repeat the process using a cloth-wrapped smoothing card or finger to push the bubbles to the edge.



Step 8: Remove Dust

~ The adhesive from tab #2 may leave tiny specks of glue on the top/outside surface of the film. Wipe any blemishes with your finger or the microfiber cloth to get rid of them.

~ If any dust particles exist under the film, here’s how to get rid of them: grab a piece of tape and apply one side to your finger and the other side to the corner nearest the bubble. Lift up and roll back the film until the bubble is exposed. Using another piece of tape, tap the area where the bubble is with the sticky side of the tape and also tap the same area on the underside (sticky side) of the screen protector in case the dust is stuck to the film. Like a lint roller, the tape will grab the dust and leave the screen clean.

~ Reapply the film and repeat until all the bubbles are gone.


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That’s it! Enjoy your new protection!


Messed up? Need help?

No worries! Contact us via our support page and we’ll do our best to help you succeed. If your film is damaged or destroyed or just isn’t working well for you, then you are covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Simply contact us and we’ll send you a replacement or help however we can.