iPhone 5 Screen Protector Matte Video August 29 2015

Matte vs Clear

Do you not like the smudges and oil buildup that occurs with regular iPhone 5 Screen Protectors? If so, then you should really checkout our iPhone 5 Matte Screen Protector. Here's our new video that introduced the concept of anti-glare and matte screen protectors, and talks about their pros and cons.

iPhone 5 Screen Protector Reviews Among Best on Amazon August 27 2014

​Oklahoma City, Oklahoma - August 27, 2014 - The World's Best Quality Products today announced updates to The World's Best iPhone 5 Screen Protector, bringing improvements to the already well reviewed item on Amazon. Beginning August 25, everyone purchasing the company's flagship screen protector automatically began receiving the improved version of the popular item.

The new version includes a stronger protector film that has better smudge resistant properties, better cutouts for the front of the phone, and additional dust removal stickers to aid in easier installation. The improvements are compatible with all versions of the iPhone 5, including the iPhone 5s, and the iPhone 5c.

Best iPhone 5 Screen ProtectorThe previous screen protector film covered the proximity sensor on the phone. The sensor is responsible for turning the phone's screen on or off, depending upon the proximity of the phone to the user's face. This ensures that the user's cheek doesn't accidently push buttons on the phone while the user is talking. Although the sensor worked fine with the clear protector on top, a lot of customers reported confusion about this feature. The new film ensures that this confusion is eliminated, and allows the sensor to work un-impeded.

In addition, the new clear screen protector film is made from a higher quality and tougher plastic film material that ensures greater HD clarity, stronger scratch resistance, and better smudge handling.

The company did not make any changes to the other components of their package, which include an oversized cleaning cloth, a large whole-screen sized dust removal sticker, and installation instructions that include a link to an installation how-to video.

"Although our first version was definitely world-class quality, we are excited to incorporate newly discovered ways to make this product even easier to install, use, and provide better protection than before," said Joshua Jantz, entrepreneur and company founder. "Feedback from customers regarding this new version has been very positive, and the enthusiasm from beta testers has definitely exceeded the already positive reviews that our previous version received."

All of the screen protectors sold by The World’s Best Quality Products come with a satisfaction guarantee good for the lifetime of the device they are installed upon.


About The World’s Best Quality Products

The World’s Best Quality Products is a USA based company that offers premium cell phone accessories for owners of the iPhone 5 smart phone.



World's Best Quality Products Announces New Screen Protector October 22 2013

Oklahoma City, OK – October 22, 2013 – The World’s Best Quality Products is seeking to introduce high quality, long lasting screen protectors into the iPhone accessories marketplace. The company has a strong focus on quality and seeks to create long lasting products that don’t disappoint. Their new iPhone 5 screen protector is receiving rave reviews on websites like and is currently available for purchase.

The World’s Best Quality Products was founded by Joshua Jantz to offer solutions to the common problems found by cheaply made products in the marketplace. Their new iPhone screen protector product is being sold under their brand name, The World’s Best Screen Protectors. Speaking about the company Jantz said, “I wanted to have a screen protector that I could be proud to use and share with the world. The World’s Best Screen Protector accomplishes this. It is made from the highest quality plastic film available, is highly resistant to scratching, is durable with superior screen protection, and long lasting. Many of our users comment on how they can’t even tell it’s on their phone, it’s that clear and feels that good. Combined with our unique instructions, we are able to guarantee satisfaction not only with our product, but with the users’ experience in a bubble-free installation as well. I’m proud of this product and once a customer tries it they will understand why.”

Jantz isn’t the only one singing the praises of his product. Consumers also have great things to say. One satisfied customer from stated, “I have used a lot of screen protectors, and I have to say this is the best… I was extremely impressed with the installation video. There were helpful tips that I have never thought of that made the installation super easy. The packaging and instructions were very detailed and helpful. But the best part is the protector - I have always had a screen protector on my iPhone since my 3G back in 2008. This protector looks and acts a lot like the iPhone screen itself. It is very clear and there is no screen distortion.”

Jantz and his company stand behind their products by offering a lifetime guarantee. In a world filled with companies producing cheaply made products it is refreshing to see a new U.S. run company offering quality products. Jantz and The World’s Best iPhone 5 Screen Protector are excited to share their products and company vision with the world.

About The World’s Best Quality Products

The World’s Best Quality Products is a company offering quality outdoor accessories, through their garden watering accessories under the brand The World’s Best Brass Nozzle, and quality cell phone accessories, through the World’s Best Screen Protector brand. To learn more about the company or this new product please visit: