5 Vital Facts You MUST Know Before You Buy A Screen Protector For Your Phone

#1. Don't be tricked into buying a poor quality screen protector.

Other retailers try to pull you in with low prices and packages of three or more protectors, but don’t be fooled! These cheap multi-pack protectors are made of inferior-grade (B or C) plastic film. Why does it matter? Because this lower-grade plastic is thin and fragile, and only protects against minor scratches. It does NOT protect your screen from the deep scratches, chips, cracks, and breakage that can come from everyday use.

Unlike most other protectors on the market, The World’s Best iPhone 5 screen protector is made of A-grade protective film, the absolute best in thickness, clarity, and hardness. This means it truly protects your screen while still giving superior touch response. So don’t waste your money on useless screen “covers,” get The World’s Best iPhone 5 Screen Protector.


#2. Thin, inferior film often installs with bubbles.

How many times have you bought one of those cheap screen protector multi-packs and tried to get one installed without bubbles? You try and try to smooth out the bubbles, but end up using every film in the pack trying to get a clean install (and still have no luck)!

The truth is that no cheap screen protectors are hard to keep bubble-free. You need a quality film and you need to know the tricks for installation in order to make it work. When you buy The World’s Best iPhone screen protector from us, we give you the tools you need to banish those bubbles forever — a quality film, easy to follow instructions (including print and video instructions), a dust-removal sticker, installation stickers, and a squeegee card. We’re so confident you’ll get a bubble-free installation that we GUARANTEE your results. If you get even one little bubble that you can’t get out, we’ll send you a replacement film.


#3. One-size-fits-all protectors ruin your iPhone’s function.

Generic one-size-fits-all protectors often don’t align correctly, and you end up covering those important areas such as the camera lens, speaker, or your home button, meaning your phone doesn't work the way it should! You paid for your smart phone to get a quality experience, why let a cheap plastic film ruin that?

Our screen protector is made specifically to fit your phone. It fits precisely, with cutouts that line up perfectly with your camera, home button, and speaker. Also, this protector is custom-made to fit with not only your phone, but also with any phone case on the market that you want to use! So say NO to the bad fit and bad performance of cheap protectors that don’t work with some cases and get The World’s Best Screen Protector instead!


#4. Cheap protectors make your display worse.

Another thing the others don't want you to know is that those cheap screen protectors aren't very clear. Because they’re made with an inferior-grade plastic, they reduce the clarity of your display, making images less bright and text slightly fuzzy. And did you know that these inexpensive protectors aren't actually scratch-proof? After hanging around in your pocket, purse, or case, they eventually (often quickly) get lots of hairline scratches that result in a lower quality display. Hazy, fuzzy, and dull… why pay for something that’s actually going to ruin the appearance of your nice screen’s quality display?

The World’s Best Screen Protector is crystal clear so your display stays bright and crisp. Plus, the film is so tough and scratch resistant that it won’t develop that irritating haze over time. Our protector has another great benefit — it’s been treated to be smudge-resistant! While no surface is ever 100% smudge-free, this is as close to it as it gets. It actually resists collecting oils from your fingers or face. And we throw in a free cleaning cloth to help you keep your protector looking perfect!


#5. The industry wants you to believe screen protectors are “throw away” items.

In order to make as much money as possible, retailers of cheap screen protectors want you to think, “Oh, it doesn't matter, they’re cheap.” They want you to get bubbles so you use the whole pack. They lower your expectation of how the product should perform so you don’t call and demand a refund. Then, when you need another pack (and you will), they want you to buy their cheap ones again, even though they didn't work well before. After all, they’re cheap, so who cares? It’s an intentional game to pull you into a cycle of buying, tossing, and accepting a poor product.

But there is absolutely no reason a screen protector has to be a throw-away item! It should do what it’s supposed to do. You shouldn't have to buy 20 to get 1 to work. And if it doesn't work as it should, the seller should make it right.

And that’s what we promise. Unlike other companies, we offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE on our screen protectors. Not just for a month or a year, we guarantee it for the lifetime of your phone! If, for any reason, at any time, you’re not happy, we will replace the screen protector or refund your money. Just send us your receipt and return the old one and we’ll make it right, no hassles. That’s how confident we are that our screen protectors are the best.

Don’t waste your money on cheap screen protectors. They’re just not worth it. The World’s Best iPhone 5 Screen Protector will protect better, look better, and cost you less in the long run.

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If you get your package and decide you want an exchange or refund, simply return the product along with the receipt and we'll promptly ship a replacement or refund your money.